Q: Who is aKido?
A: My name is Kim Gaboury and I’m a Canadian-born musician, music composer, record producer and mixer. I also make music for film/tv and other projects, see for my CV.

Q: Where are you from?
A: I’m currently based in Montreal, Canada but I grew up in Quebec City, where I was born in 1976. I am French-Canadian.

Q: How/when did you start making music?
A: I started playing electric guitar at 12 years old. I moved to Montreal in 1993, where my brother and I both played in rock bands. I spent countless hours recording music on a 424 Tascam 4-track before migrating to digital/computer recording in 1998. In 2001 I took a 4-year break to work in graphic & web design. Aching to get back to music, in 2004 I recorded and self-released my first album “Playtime”, under the moniker aKido. I have been making music fulltime ever since.

Q: What DAW do you use?
A: I started with Cubase VST, then Logic for years, and i'm back to Cubase, using Ableton Live often as well. 

Q: Who is your publisher/label?
A: All the aKido albums are released and published through my own label Nordique Records, which controls the entire catalogue. 

Q: How do I book you for a composing / licensing / producing / mixing gig?
A: You can message me directly here.

Q: How do I book you for a show?
A: Shows are on hiatus while I am concentrating on film/TV music. Although I prefer playing shows as a live band, I may develop a solo aKido show in the near future with just electronics and guitar.

Q: How can I support your work?
A: By spreading the word, sharing links, buying my music and merch (on Bandcamp preferably).


  • 3,000,000 cumulative listens on YouTube (source: Audiam) 

  • Featured on 3voor12 VPRO,, Radio-Canada/, CBC Radio 3,, among others.

  • Four (4) albums: 
    Playtime (2004) - Blink (2007) - Gamechanger (2010) - Undark (2012)

  • One (1) soundtrack: 
    Inside the Mind of Leonardo (2014)

  • One (1) compilation: 
    X YEARS OF AKIDO (2016)

  • Three (3) EPs: 
    Les Humains EP (2004) - Thearly Ears EP (2010) - Remodels Vol.1 (2011)


  • Album Gamechanger charted to #1 in college radio electronic charts across Canada. (source: Chart Attack)

  • Song “Dancing in Chains” holds the record for highest charting instrumental song on CBC R3's Top 30, peaking at #3.



  • Performed live notably at the Montreal Jazz Fest on the Bell Stage, the Sirius Canada launch and live broadcast, the Festi-Jazz de Rimouski, Les Vendredis Nocturnes at the Montreal Museum of Contemporary Art, Musique Plus' Ste-Catherine, The CBC R3/Bande-a-part 5th anniversary Spectrum and Drake shows & the 60th anniversary of Radio-Canada International at theMetropolis.

  • Opened for Frederico Aubele, Karkwa, Mistress Barbara, Malajube, Pawa Up First among others.


  • Production, mixing and/or remixes for Millimetrik, Pawa Up First, Alexandre Desilets, Patricia Kaas, Diane Dufresne, Michel Cusson, Terez Montcalm, Les Trois Accords, Banjo Consorsium, Yann Perreau. Remixed by Synthamesk, Millimetrik, Archibald Singleton.

  • Music licensed notably in ADIDAS Originals campaigns (12 & 3)—TV series Descending, The Best Years & Les Béliers (1 & 2)—Multimedia company Moment Factory